bride|groom [ `braıd,grum ] noun count
a man who is getting married, or who has recently gotten married. The bridegroom is usually simply called the groom.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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  • Bridegroom — Bride groom ( gr[=oo]m ), n. [OE. bridegome, brudgume, AS. br[=y]dguma (akin to OS. br[=u]digumo, D. bruidegom, bruigom, OHG. pr[=u]tigomo, MHG. briutegome, G. br[ a]utigam); AS. br[=y]d bride + guma man, akin to Goth. guma, Icel. gumi, OHG. gomo …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • bridegroom — O.E. brydguma suitor, from bryd bride (see BRIDE (Cf. bride)) + guma man (Cf. O.N. gumi, O.H.G. gomo, cognate with L. homo man; see HOMUNCULUS (Cf. homunculus)). Ending altered 16c. by folk etymolo …   Etymology dictionary

  • bridegroom — [n] male marriage partner benedict, groom, helpmate, husband, mate, newlywed, old man*, spouse; concepts 296,419 Ant. bride …   New thesaurus

  • bridegroom — ► NOUN ▪ a man on his wedding day or just before and after the event. ORIGIN Old English, «bride man» …   English terms dictionary

  • bridegroom — [brīd′gro͞om΄] n. [ME bridegome < OE brydguma, suitor < bryd, bride + guma (akin to L homo), man; altered by folk etym. after GROOM] a man who has just been married or is about to be married …   English World dictionary

  • bridegroom — UK [ˈbraɪdˌɡruːm] / US [ˈbraɪdˌɡrum] noun [countable] Word forms bridegroom : singular bridegroom plural bridegrooms a man who is getting married, or who has recently married. The bridegroom is often simply called the groom …   English dictionary

  • bridegroom — noun Etymology: Middle English (Scots) brydegrome, by folk etymology from Middle English bridegome, from Old English brȳdguma, from brȳd + guma man; akin to Old High German brūtgomo bridegroom more at homage Date: 14th century a man just… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • bridegroom — (also groom) noun ADJECTIVE ▪ prospective ▪ proud PHRASES ▪ the bride and bridegroom …   Collocations dictionary

  • bridegroom — [[t]bra͟ɪdgruːm[/t]] bridegrooms N COUNT A bridegroom is a man who is getting married. Syn: groom …   English dictionary

  • bridegroom — /bruyd groohm , groom /, n. a newly married man or a man about to be married. [bef. 1000; late ME (Scots) brydgrome, alter. of ME bridegome, OE brydguma (bryd BRIDE1 + guma man, c. L homo), with final element conformed to GROOM] * * * …   Universalium

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